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Fundraising Tools

We’re here to help you increase your fundraising! Check out our tools and resources, so you can maximize your success and reach your fundraising goal.

Asking for donations

Personalized emails and phone calls are great ways to continue online fundraising. When approaching people for online donations, consider asking family and friends and even neighbours or colleagues. With thousands of Canadians affected by breast cancer, people would appreciate the opportunity to get involved and offer whatever they can to help ensure no one faces breast cancer alone.

Here’s how you can encourage people to support your fundraising:


Fundraising tools
  • Participant fundraising toolkit
    Want more fundraising tips for your personal fundraising? Download our Fundraising Toolkit for more online fundraising ideas.
  • Team fundraising toolkit
    Use this toolkit to help your team sign up, fundraise and get excited for the CIBC Run for the Cure while making a meaningful difference.
  • How to use your Fundraising Centre
    Make the most of your Fundraising Centre with this easy how-to guide.
  • Sphere of Influence
    Your network expands beyond your close friends and family. Use this document to reach out to everyone you know.
Corporate engagement
  • Corporate Engagement
    Every year, companies across the country form teams for the CIBC Run for the Cure. Our Corporate Engagement resources explain how to get your workplace involved and make a difference.
  • Corporate fundraising toolkit
    Our Corporate fundraising toolkit explains how to get your workplace involved and create a corporate team.
  • Corporate matching
    Does your employer have a matching gift program? Complete our corporate matching form to be eligible for a tax receipt.


Using your Fundraising Centre and our mobile app

Our Fundraising Centre and the CIBC Run for the Cure mobile app are designed to help you make the most of your Run. Here’s how you can use your fundraising page and the app to maximize your online fundraising.

Check out our App User Guide for more information.


Download the free CIBC Run for the Cure app. Fundraise and connect with others through social media, email and text, update your web pages and check your fundraising progress.

Download the App on iTunes
Download the App on Google Play

Create a personalized Run avatar! Create your Run avatar and share it on social media using #CIBCRunfortheCure. You can customize and dress up your avatar with fun accessories. The more you fundraise, the more features you will unlock for your avatar! 


Personalize your page. Add a photo and share why you will never stop running. Teams and individuals who personalize their pages raise more money and are more successful in reaching their goals.


Send out your page. Use the Fundraising Centre’s share link button in the central dashboard to text or email your page to potential donors directly from the app.


Share on social. Our social sharing buttons will share your fundraising page on your social platforms with a customizable message asking for donations. Share your progress with your friends and family using the hashtag #CIBCRunForTheCure.


Earn fundraising badges. Challenge yourself to collect a badge in your Fundraising Centre for raising $150, $300, $500, and more! You’ll unlock exciting rewards for each milestone you reach.