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About Batting Against Breast Cancer

About Batting Against Breast Cancer

Batting Against Breast CancerTM is a family friendly, community-led slo-pitch tournament in support of the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) based in Calgary and Edmonton. This annual event is a fun way to take a swing at breast cancer while building awareness and fundraising to make life better for those affected by breast cancer. To-date the events in Alberta, combined, have raised over $3,268,000 for the breast cancer cause through CCS!

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Thanks to CCS donors and supporters like you we fund innovative and impactful breast cancer research as well as the largest support system in the country so that people with breast cancer and their caregivers live their lives as fully as possible.

In 2019, CCS invested $14.3 million in breast cancer research, supporting 80 grants and awards.

In 2019, CCTG led 24 active breast cancer clinical trials, testing new therapies and approaches with Canadians affected by the disease.

CCS is the largest national charitable funder of breast cancer research in Canada.

More people are surviving a breast cancer diagnosis than ever before, with around 88% surviving at least 5 years post-diagnosis.

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