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Our free Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life mobile and tablet app will allow you to connect with others through social media and email, update your web pages, and check your fundraising progress all from the palm of your hand. Also, share your Relay For Life experience plus ask questions to fellow local Relay participants using the new community chat feature.

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Relay For Life - Track Activity

Track your activity

Use the app’s Google Fit or Apple Health integration and challenge yourself to walk or run as much as you can leading up to event day. Earn badges for achieving milestones in your activity and share your progress on social media!

To track your activity, follow these steps:


If you’re using an Apple device: select the Apple Health icon and confirm connection to Apple Health.
If you’re using an Android: select the Google Fit icon and confirm connection to Apple Health.

Track your activityTrack your activity

Track your activity

For best results, ensure that the Motion & Fitness toggle is enabled under app settings on your device. The app will ask you if you want to enable it.


Provide authorization for app to retrieve your activity data.

Track your activityTrack your activity

Track your activity

Note: If you don’t allow all categories to sync on iPhone, you may receive the following message and will need to sync all health data. Go to Settings from your home screen > Scroll down to the Health app > Select “Data Access & Devices” > Select [App Name] > Select “Turn all Categories On”.


Track your activity! Record your activity by clicking the green “Start” button. When you’re done, press the red “Stop” button to save your walk or run.

Track your activityTrack your activityTrack your activity

If you already have an activity tracking device, such as an Apple Watch or Garmin, and the device is connected to either Apple Health or Google Fit, your historic activity data will automatically be retrieved for the period of time that is defined for your event. For example, if you’ve been walking for the past 3 weeks and your event has been configured to retrieve data from the past 2 weeks until event day, then every walk of yours from the past 2 weeks will import into the mobile app.

Track your activityTrack your activity

As you track your activity, you’ll receive challenge badges for your achievements! Challenge badges are based on a streak of activity, total distance of an activity and/or percent of activity goal you’ve achieved. When you receive a challenge badge, you can share your achievement on your social media accounts!

Team captains can see all activity from team members, the challenges they’ve achieved, and email either single team members or the entire team. View team stats at the top of the page to view your team progress!

For more information on how to track your activity and use app features, visit our User Guide.

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