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Relay for Life - Canadian Cancer Society


Fundraising Tips

You'll be amazed at how much you can raise for Relay For Life! Every year, people like you raise more than they ever imagined possible by following our tips. Put the FUN in fundraising and reach your goal in no time at all!

Pretty up your personal fundraising page

Once you register, customize your personal fundraising page with your photo and a brief story. During Relay events, some people don custom t-shirts, showing off their personality, passion and reason for Relaying. Think of your personal fundraising page in much the same way!

Lead the way with a donation

Make the first donation to your personal fundraising page to show your friends and family that you mean business. It's hard for people to resist supporting someone who's so determined to make a difference! Plus, your donation amount will help others choose theirs.

Click a few buttons to get donations

Seriously, raising money can be that easy! There's a sample fundraising email in your participant centre (you'll get access to it once you register). All you have to do is add some email addresses and click send. You should also share your personal fundraising page on social media directly from your participant centre. It's a great way to spread the word to even more people. Then sit back and watch the donations roll in!

Collect offline donations too

Some people prefer making a donation in person - you can download our offline pledge form from your participant centre and carry it with you, so you're always ready to accept support. Now, you'll want all that money you raise to be reflected on your fundraising thermometer, right? You can add your offline donations easily in your participant centre!

Double those donations

Who wouldn't want someone else to match their donation?! See if your employer matches donations and encourage anyone you're asking for support to do the same.

Show your gratitude

Any time someone makes a donation, send a quick thank-you email. Once you're close to your fundraising goal, send a heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported you - and let them know how much more you need to reach your goal. It's a small gesture that shows your appreciation, and sometimes people even donate twice!

Have FUN for the cause

Bring your team, friends, family, neighbours and perfect strangers together to raise money for a cause that's so important! Use your imagination - could you … host a bake sale, yard sale, car wash, pool party, game night or community barbecue, or offer your skills and services for a donation?

Why not raise $400 in 7 days

7 day challenge

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