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Asking for donations

With nearly half of Canadians expected to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, your contribution has never been more important. When asking for donations, your friends and family are a great place to start.

Here’s how you can encourage people to support your fundraising:

  • Recommend different amounts for people to donate.
    People often appreciate some direction – especially if they haven’t donated before.
  • Be enthusiastic!
    Share the impact that their donation has on funding ground-breaking research, vital support services, such as Camp Goodtimes, and the advocacy and prevention efforts that the Canadian Cancer Society leads. Nothing big gets solved by one person or one organization. To take on cancer, it takes every one of us. It takes a society.
  • Follow up.
    Life gets busy, and more often than not, people could just use the reminder to donate.

Start online fundraising

All Cops for Cancer participants receive access to their own Fundraising Centre. Get to know its tools and features so you can make the most of your fundraising!


Monitor your progress

Use the dashboard in your fundraising centre to keep track of the progress you’ve made towards your fundraising goal.


Personalize your page

Add a photo and share why joining Cops for Cancer is close to your heart. Teams & individuals who personalize their pages often raise more money and are more successful in reaching their goal.


Make a self-donation

Your Fundraising Centre lets you kick-start your fundraising with a self-donation to your team or individual page, which shows potential donors your commitment to the cause.


Send out your page

Use the Fundraising Centre’s share link button on the dashboard to text or email your page to potential donors — they can donate to you from there.


Share on social

Our social sharing buttons will share your page on your social platforms with a customizable message asking for donations. Update your friends and family on your progress.


Send emails

Send out pre-written emails to friends and family that discuss why you’re fundraising and include an opportunity to donate. And don’t worry — you're able to edit these emails however you’d like!


Say thanks

Show your gratitude with a selection of pre-written emails and messages that you can customize for your donors.

Online fundraising ideas

Want to host a fundraiser, but your friends and family don’t live close? Try hosting online! You can use many platforms to stream or pre-record an online cancer fundraiser for Cops for Cancer. Many organizers use social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram Live to broadcast online fundraisers in real time. Check out our guidelines for using Facebook Fundraising, which can help make your online fundraising an even bigger success.

Virtual game night

Virtual game night

Rally your friends and family for a virtual game night! Download games online to share, or create your own trivia questions.

Fitness challenge

Fitness challenge

Challenge friends, virtually, with challenges such as push ups, chin ups or sit ups. Collect online donations as you reach your goal!

Live Concert

Host a virtual live concert

Dust off those musical talents and stage a live online concert for friends and family and ask for donations.

Ready to Fundraise?

Fundraising for Cops for Cancer helps us make a meaningful difference in the lives of people with cancer. Keep online fundraising so we can support all Canadians who have been affected by this disease.

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