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About the lodge

Daffodil Place

Daffodil Place, in St. John’s, NL, is a home away from home for people impacted by cancer. This 24-room facility is where people can stay with their caregivers when they must travel for cancer treatment. Daffodil Place provides guests with affordable comfort and care. Accommodation includes three hot meals plus snacks daily, transportation between appointments, entertainment, and emotional and practical support on-site.

The Canadian Cancer Society opened Daffodil Place in July 2009 and has supported people impacted by cancer ever since.

To make a reservation, please call us toll-free at 1-844-229-0146.

A comforting community for challenging times

In 2016, Labrador resident Darrel Brenton was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma and learned he would need to stay in St. John’s for all his treatments. Being a retiree, Darrel panicked.

He didn’t know anyone in St. John’s and worried about the cost of accommodations. Thankfully however, he found Daffodil Place.

At the lodges, staff, volunteers and support groups help people affected by cancer get through some of their most challenging times. Now, Darrel credits Daffodil Place for becoming his home away from home and creating an atmosphere that brought him hope.

“The staff helped me tremendously with their knowledge, their empathy, the home atmosphere, and home cooked meals.”

“Daffodil Place was a saviour for me because if I had been in a hospital for 4 months, I think I would have probably let go. Ever since, I’ve been a fighter for Daffodil Place.”

Home away from home

In February 2016, Jennifer Mitchell was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia - a cancer that starts in blood stem cells. She was devastated.

Fortunately, Jennifer’s cancer was treatable, but she’d have to spend the next 6-8 months as a hospital inpatient receiving treatment. Thankfully, after her first 6 weeks of treatment as an inpatient, Jennifer discovered Daffodil Place.

“[When I was a guest at Daffodil Place], I never felt alone,” says Jennifer. “Everyone was so caring, and we treated each other as family. We leaned on each other during tough times and celebrated when someone finished their treatment.”

She can’t imagine what her journey would have looked like without the support of Daffodil Place. “I spent 6 months at Daffodil Place - it became my home away from home.”


Your generous One Night Stand Against Cancer donations make it possible for us to support people impacted by cancer, so they can focus on receiving treatment.

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What Daffodil Place means for them

Greg Smith

Greg Smith

“Daffodil Place is a home - a comforting place for those going through the most challenging time of their lives. It’s a home with built-in supports of every kind, from car rides to and from appointments, meals and friendship with those who are going through a similar journey.”

Linda Tucker

Linda Tucker

“When you walk in here, you don’t realize people have cancer. They’re all smiling and happy. Everybody is giving you a little piece of their heart.”

Nicole George

Nicole George

“Volunteering here has changed my life and my perspective on a lot of things. To see a woman come in, try on a wig and see herself again is a really powerful thing. And to see the laughter come back into their eyes - it’s priceless.”

Gary Neil

Gary Neil

“There have actually been people in Newfoundland that have not been able to afford to get their treatments. So, when I hear that, it really brings out the passion in me as a volunteer to want to make this place work.”

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